Ownership Benefits

Ownership at Virginia Highland Haven

The campground and surrounding 75 acre property at Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park is privately owned by 46 Airstream enthusiasts who operate and maintain the park. From time to time shares of stock in the company holding title to the property become available and can be purchased by owners of eligible Airstream branded recreational vehicles.

Benefits of ownership include:

  • The social camaraderie derived from membership in a close community of Airstream owners with common interests.
  • Exclusive use of an assigned site when in residence. Stockholders have the option of parking their Airstreams on their assigned site, or any open site, when the park is open.
  • Stockholders may customize their assigned sites within the guidelines of the park. Stockholder improvements include landscaping, storage sheds, and decks.
  • Ownership costs significantly lower than the expense of buying, improving, insuring, and maintaining mountain property.
  • A well maintained and beautiful property in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Virginia Highland Haven is a perfect spring, summer and fall mountain retreat for Airstream owners located within a few hours drive in the surrounding region. For Airstream owners in Florida and deep South it is a perfect summer retreat to escape the heat and humidity.

To learn more about ownership opportunities at Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park, email our board president at president@vahighlandhaven.com. Please provide a telephone number, mailing address, or email address where you can be contacted.